Welcome to Fairies from Scotland

Create your perfect Fairy Garden with houses, gypsy caravans, benches and even animals.

Free delivery on orders over 40

Welcome to Fairies from Scotland

Take a look at Fairies from Scotland’s range of Fairy Houses, Fairy Doors, Fairies & Gnomes, Fairy Garden Animals, Fairy Garden Accessories or our special edition Fairy on the Beach range and start creating your perfect fairy garden! We deliver worldwide and if you are a resident in the UK or Ireland you can get FREE delivery if your order is over £40.

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Fairy Houses

Where will your fairy live? See our wonderful range of fairy houses that will act as the perfect centrepiece of your fairy garden.

Fairy Doors

If you’d like some magical fairies to live in your garden, the first step is to provide a fairy door to show them that they’re welcome here.

Fairies & Gnomes

Every fairy garden needs at least one fairy!
We have a great selection of fairies and gnomes that will let you create your own fairy tales!

Fairy Garden Animals

Whatever magical tales you create in your fairy garden, be sure to let the fairies have some animals to keep them company!

Fairy Garden Accessories

The perfect accessories for your fairy garden, we’ve got everything from a leaf wheelbarrow to a beautifully detailed vegetable patch.

Fairies on the Beach

See our wonderful fairies on the beach range. If you didn’t know, fairies love to go on holiday as much as we do!

Fairy Sale !!

We are having a fairy sale .. why not click the button below and see if there are any accessories you need for your fairy garden.