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Whatever type of fairy garden you’re creating – highland hills, woodland walks, farmyard ponds or perfect lawns, there’s sure to be an animal accessory to suit your theme

The rabbit family

Every garden has rabbits, but unlike us humans who get annoyed at them for eating our plants, garden fairies are actually very friendly with the little bunnies in their gardens, so it’s no surprise that our most popular fairy garden animal pack is the rabbit family. 
The Rabbit Family pack includes pack includes Rabbie the daddy rabbit who is sitting up, Rhona the mummy rabbit lying down and Babs, the baby rabbit by her mum’s side.

The unicorn

No fairy kingdom would be complete without the handsome white unicorn, on hand to help transport the fairies wherever they might wish to go. He’s always in demand when the fairies decide to take a trip in their Fairy Gypsy caravan and he’s always very happy when they want to visit the seaside.

Highland cow

If your fairies are from Scotland, they’ll feel right at home if you provide this handsome Highland Cow to graze beside their garden – probably best to put up a fence to protect the flowers and vegetables in the fairy garden though!