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What fairy garden would be complete without a path or a bird bath?  When you think about it, they’ll need a beehive, a vegetable patch, garden furniture and lots more! Choose from our huge selection of accessories to complete your perfect fairy garden.

The fairy house is the starting point for a fairy garden, but just like us humans, fairies love to add planters, pots and other fairy garden accessories to make their fairy garden their very own. And we’ve got what’s possibly the widest selection of fairy garden accessories available to choose from right here!

One of our favourite fairy garden accessories is the fairy welly boot planter pot. This lovely planter made from leaves is already planted with colourful flowers and will instantly cheer up the fairy garden.

But the list of fairy garden accessories is endless – what about a fairy garden gazebo, a tree swing or a vegetable patch

Whatever fairy garden accessories you choose, your fairy is sure to appreciate it!

Fairy Tree Swing


This beautiful tree swing is where the fairies relax on sunny summer afternoons.

Lots of fairies have one in their own garden, but there also needs to be one on the village green!

12cm Tall

In resin, this Tree Swing is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Part of an exciting new range of miniature products from Vivid Arts – a market leader in detailed resin scale products.

Fairy Vegetable Garden

This has to be one of our favourite pieces – a beautiful vegetable garden that any fairy or gnome would be proud of. It’s simply perfect, you can just imagine the fairies cutting some of the vegetables for their dinner!

Some of the fairies do all their own gardening, and some of them get help from their friends, the gnomes. But they all have one thing in common – they absolutely love their gardens! Some like to grow their own food, some enjoy the flowers, and some simply enjoy being in the garden and spending time there with their friends – not unlike us humans when you come to think about it!

Fairy Garden Sign Large

This hanging sign tells you you’ve arrived at the fairy garden.  On a vine post, and inscribed with ‘Fairy Garden’ this is a must if you want to be sure the fairies know they are welcome.

This is the larger of the two sizes available.  Click here to see the smaller version.

Use this garden ornament in your fairy garden.  Part of the extensive range of products from Vivid Arts, where your fairy garden is only limited by your imagination!

Fairy Garden Beehive


Traditional beehive for your fairy garden

We all know how important it is to look after the bees – and of course there’s the added benefit of being able to get some of the honey the bees make too – yumm!”

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