Want to build your own Fairy House Garden? Part of a new range from Vivid Arts called “Miniature World” this is a scaled product of intricate handfinished detail, made from resin and hand finished.

Is a great starting point to construct your own very own tiny town. Use your own plants or other models to create the gardens around the village. Adjoining houses and fields, followed by animals and other accessories to complete the effect. Bridges, towers and water features the possibilities are endless. Just let your Imagination run wild.

Perfect for indoors and out this beautifully handfinished Thatched Village Hall has fantastic detail. The lifelike nature of the plants and greenery are truly breathtaking and you can almost hear the bell ringing out across the landscape.

Fairy House Garden

The texture achieved in the pebble dash walls  brings to mind the rustic feel of an old village hill from a fairy tale. The thatched roof  complete with bindings has that authentic feel you would look for in a life like recreation of a quaint ancient village.

Combining the wonderful miniature models from Vivid Arts together into a flowing rural landscape can be a truly rewarding experience. Vivid Arts create a huge array of fantastic models all brought to life by hand by their artists.

We love their models and would like to offer you the opportunity  to own them for yourselves. Feel free to browse the rest of our catalogue to inspire yourself into creating the wondrous Miniature World you and your family have been waiting for.

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