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The most difficult thing in this section is narrowing down your choice of fairy house.
There’s so many possibilities, the only limit is your imagination! 

Fairy Gypsy Caravan (Red)

Your fairies may be very happy in the fairy garden you’ve created for them, but we all need a little change of scenery sometime. So what could be better that a miniature gypsy caravan that will allow your fairies to enjoy meandering along country lanes in the summertime, where they can choose some meadow flowers for their dresses and hats and meet new butterfly and dragonfly friends – who are always useful for fairies to know in case they need a taxi to help them reach further away places!


Fairy Toadstool Houses

For many people, the toadstool is an obvious choice for a fairy house; toadstools are found in the woodland where fairies regularly hang out and they’re not too obvious to be seen by the human eye. Toadstools immediately provide a great roof for shelter and there’s plenty of room in the stem for the fairies to create cosy rooms for them to live in. The fairy who has moved into this toadstool has even managed to make a couple of rooms in the roof space that’ll give her wonderful views across the woodland floor.

Fairy House Brick Cottage

An unusual cottage that has been created from old bricks with stone and cobbled steps up to the circular wooden front door.  The frontage has exposed timbers and this fairy must like gardening because there is a barrel planter and plants at the front door.   Neatly hidden with lots of trees around it, this gorgeous little cottage will merge with the woodland so you’d never know it was there – the ideal des-res for a fairy who likes to live quietly and out of sight.


We’d guess that this fairy might enjoy gardening, so why not add some little extras in for her – what about the tree swing, or perhaps the little acorn lights so she can see her way home in the evening?  There’s a little cobbled path that could lead up to her front steps, or you could add a garden bench for her to sit on.