[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Saw this fairy Path that someone had built in their garden and absolutely loved it! Thought it was worth writing about in our fairy blog due to not only the great use of the pre-existing natural features but the little touches added in at the end.

They’ve used the existing foliage in their garden to create the trees and bushes to line the side of the path. The greenery serves as a backdrop for the scene and makes everything pop and come to the foreground.

As for the path what can I say? It is absolutely stunning, not only the design but it has clearly been constructed meticulously and with a great eye for detail. The remarkable path leading the the fairies front door in the stump of the tree complete with lawn and deck chair is simply gorgeous.

Always been a fan of building in fairy houses into tree stumps, rocks and anything else you can think of. It gives the impression that the fairies have used their magic to convert the usually quite plain and usual feature into an enchanted paradise.

The use of all these things together creates a truly wonderful end result that is clear to delight family and friends alike. If you liked this idea then why not follow us on Twitter/Pinterest and Facebook?

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