Fairy Burrow Door (pink)


Cute front door in pink for your garden fairies.

Also available in blue (click here).

12cm Wide

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Made in high quality resin, this Fairy Door is frost-resistant and can be used in your fairy garden either indoors or outdoors.

Part of a wide range of beautifully detailed fairy products by Vivid Art – just add your own imagination and live the dream!

Fairy Burrow Door (available in blue or pink)

Some fairies just love to live in trees, logs and other hidden parts of the garden – all they need is a door so they can get inside.  You could even use this door inside your own home – under the stairs, on a skirting board, behind a curtain – just somewhere that provides an entrance so the fairy can move in.

In the woodland, this door can be placed on a tree, on top of a disused burrow, or you could be even more helpful and make a little burrow before you put the door on.  The more you can do to make it attractive, the more likely you are to encourage a fairy to move in and make it her own fairy house.

Sometimes fairies are extremely sociable and like an assortment of options for making fairy houses – that way they will tell their friends and you might find a whole group of fairy friends taking up residence in your fairy houses.

So what can you do to encourage the fairies?  Well, it really depends what kind of fairies you hope will move in.  Some are very firmly woodland fairies and are looking for surroundings that blend in and won’t be noticed by the casual observer, so you need to think about muted colours, and secret places like the bottom of the garden.  Others really enjoy a life that’s more like humans live with pretty gardens, fences and garden furniture.  Or you may choose to have lots of different fairies in your home and garden.

In fact, with this wide range of beautifully scaled miniature fairy ornaments from Vivid Arts – the only limitation is your own imagination.  There’s so many amazing possibilities for creating fairy houses, fairy gardens and even entire fairy villages, and fabulous fun putting them together!



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