Fairy Door – Green Arbour


For the discerning fairy who likes green woodland shades, here is the Green Arbor Fairy Door.

Matching fairy windows also available -click here.

9cm Tall

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Made in high quality resin, this Fairy Door is frost-resistant and can be used in your fairy garden either indoors or outdoors.

Part of a wide range of beautifully detailed fairy products by Vivid Art – just add your own imagination and live the dream!

Fairy Door – Green Arbour

This fairy door is ideal for placing at the foot of a tree, particularly between roots where it will be inconspicuous – except to you and the fairy who decides to move in.

The roots of trees are a great favourite with fairies – it means that their fairy house is snug and cosy, it is sheltered by the big strong tree from wind and rain whilst being hidden from unwelcome visitors and of course the tree provides shade when it’s too hot outdoors.

You may wish to add some acorn lanterns so that the fairies can see their way home at night, or some stepping stones up to the door so their delicate feet don’t get cold and wet.  Natural materials like moss and leaf mould help disguise the entrance so it stays a secret fairy house, and allows you to make it a home from home by adding unobtrusive home comforts like the rustic garden bench where the fairies can sit and chat while enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

The possibilities are endless with this great range of beautifully scaled miniature fairy ornaments from Vivid Arts – they’ve opened up some amazing possibilities for creating fairy houses, fairy gardens and even entire fairy villages. So make a start today, and see how many fairies you can attract to your garden!


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