Fairy Garden Love Seat


A romantic setting for the fairy to meet with her handsome prince?


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These fairy garden love seat is made from high quality resin and is frost-resistant.  Use it in your Fairy Garden either indoors or outdoors.

Just part of a wide range of beautifully detailed fairy garden ornaments by Vivid Arts.  Add your own imagination to create a wonderful fairy garden.

Fairy Garden Love Seat

This love seat is the perfect location for a romantic tryst – oh, so you thought fairies weren’t romantic?   You may have to re-think that one!

This bench was constructed from pieces of trees that the fairies found in the wood, and someone (we don’t know who) has carved two cute little hearts in the back of the seat!!    Imagine your fairy idling away a summer afternoon on this seat when suddenly a handsome prince arrives – it’s love at first sight!  Come up with lots of scenarios around this romantic bench -but the choice is yours, as always!

Use this garden ornament in your fairy garden.  Part of the extensive range of products from Vivid Arts, where your fairy garden is only limited by your imagination!


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Weight 0.752 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 25 cm


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