Fairy Vegetable Garden


This is one of our most popular products – the fairy vegetable garden.

7cm Wide

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Made in high quality resin, this perfectly formed, finely detailed resin vegetable garden is a must for any fairy garden.

Part of an exciting new range of miniature products from Vivid Arts – a market leader in detailed resin scale products – just add your own imagination and live the dream!

Fairy Vegetable Garden

This has to be one of our favourite pieces – a beautiful vegetable garden that any fairy or gnome would be proud of.  It’s simply perfect, you can just imagine the fairies cutting some of the vegetables for their dinner!

Some of the fairies do all their own gardening, and some of them get help from their friends, the gnomes.  But they all have one thing in common – they absolutely love their gardens!  Some like to grow their own food, some enjoy the flowers, and some simply enjoy being in the garden and spending time there with their friends – not unlike us humans when you come to think about it!

So its up to you what you’d like to provide for your garden fairies- there’s the cutest wheelbarrow and tools made from leaves, there’s friendly gnomes to help with the work, there’s garden furniture so they can all relax and enjoy the garden – there’s even cats and dogs to keep the fairies company in their gardens.

The possibilities are endless with this great range of beautifully scaled miniature fairy ornaments from Vivid Arts – you can create anything from a single fairy house or fairy garden or even an entire fairy village. So make a start today, and see how many fairies you can attract to your garden!


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