Pastel Pink Toadstool Cottage

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Pretty in pink, this cute cottage is home to a happy fairy.

Other fairies have used different toadstools for their homes – click to see Traditional Red Toadstool Cottage or the Rustic Toadstool Cottage

19cm Tall

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Made in high quality resin, this fairy house is frost-resistant and can be used in your fairy garden either indoors or outdoors.

Part of a wide range of beautifully detailed fairy products by Vivid Art – just add your own imagination and live the dream!

Pastel Pink Toadstool Fairy Cottage

For many people, the toadstool is an obvious fairy house; toadstools are found in woodland where fairies often live and they grow naturally amongst the leaves on the woodland floor so they’re relatively inconspicuous – exactly the type of des res that a fairy is looking for.  With such a wide canopy, toadstools immediately provide a great roof and there’s plenty of room inside for the fairies to create cosy rooms.

Because toadstools are such a popular choice for a fairy house, we offer 3 different versions; this one in pink is a great choice – we all know that fairies just adore pink!   We also offer a rustic version which will nestle very unobtrusively in the woodland – would this have the greatest chance of attracting a real fairy to move in?   Our personal favourite is the traditional red toadstool fairy house – with cute white spots it’s just how we imagine a woodland toadstool would look like!

So which will you choose for your fairy garden?  Perhaps you need to try all three so you can see which the fairies prefer?  It’s simply a question of creating a fairy garden with plants and miniature accessories so that the toadstool fairy houses look completely natural in their settings.

To help create the setting, we have an excellent range of miniatures  – everything from fairy garden tools made from bits of trees and leaves to gorgeous planters to place at the front door.  There’s garden dining sets so the fairies can dine alfresco, and little acorn lamps to help them see if they are partying into the evening!

We’re delighted to offer such a wide range of beautifully scaled miniature fairy ornaments from Vivid Arts – they’ve opened up some amazing possibilities for creating fairy houses, fairy gardens and even entire fairy villages- the only limit is  imagination!


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