Rustic Toadstool Cottage


This fairy family has used a toadstool to create their own cosy cottage.

Their friends have converted another toadstool for their home, click here to see the Pastel Pink Toadstool Cottage or the Traditional Red Toadstool Cottage

19cm Tall

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Made in high quality resin, this Fairy House is frost-resistant and can be used in your fairy garden either indoors or outdoors.

Part of a wide range of beautifully detailed fairy products by Vivid Art – just add your own imagination and live the dream!

Rustic Toadstool Fairy Cottage

The fairies who choose this rustic toadstool for their fairy house tend to be the most shy; of the three toadstool cottages available, this is the one that is most camouflaged in the woods. Only you and the fairy will know about her fairy house because others won’t see it against the woodland floor – it will be your secret!

And although fairy living in this house may be shy, that doesn’t mean she wants to be lonely – in fact quite the opposite – but her friends also want to keep their houses away from unwelcome visitors.  So you’ll find that the fairy community that likes rustic toadstools, also like to live in other woodland settings such as the trunks of trees, burrows or even in gourds that they’ve managed to bring from a nearby garden.

These fairies are particularly friendly with the woodland birds and animals and you may wish to add rabbits and hedgehogs to this fairy garden to make your fairy friends feel at home right away.

We’re delighted to offer such a wide range of beautifully scaled miniature fairy ornaments from Vivid Arts – they’ve opened us some amazing possibilities for creating fairy houses, fairy gardens and even entire fairy villages. There’s just sooooo much to choose from to provide a perfectly wonderful setting for the fairies to move in to!!


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