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Hello Everyone! Thought I would talk about one of our own products today, The Shell House.

If you haven’t had time to check out our new range of, beach themed, fairy houses and accessories, then you may have missed out on seeing this house.

This fairy came to visit her friend who had built the fairy house with the shell roof and loved being at the beach so much, she decided to stay.  On a stroll along the beach one day, they came across this fabulous shell that had been washed ashore and she decided there and then that she just had to make it into her very own fairy shell house!

Of course, the biggest problem was getting it away from the waves to a place where she could live in it without worrying about being washed away by the tide.  However, with lots of help from her fairy friends and their unicorn, they managed to bring the shell up the beach and place it safely in the dunes – where the fairy has a fabulous view over her fairy garden and out towards the sea.

She’s really done wonders turning this shell into a cosy fairy house – you can see that she’s already got a window and little steps up to her front door which looks like they could have been made out of driftwood found on the shore.  There’s a little chimney which tells us she’s got her stove in place, and a little coach lamp so her fairy friends can find her amongst the dunes.

This is just one of a great range of  fairy ornaments we have available to create your own fairy garden by the sea – the perfect summer holiday project for those who love Fairy Houses and Gardens!

We make it our mission to find and bring you fantastic ideas and models to complete and upgrade your own fairy villages. You can find the links to our social media outlets below, don’t forget to like and follow us for the weekly updates.

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