Starting a miniature collectionPunch and Judy stand with deck chair, picnic basket and “to the beach sign” all in miniature models on a bed of sandIf you’ve been thinking about creating  a scaled down environment for fairies and gnomes in your garden, you might have wondered where to begin! Starting a miniature collection can be a tricky proposition, with so many things to choose from it could be easy to get lost in the woods on the subject.

Luckily there’s fairies in the woods to find and help us! The best way to start the ball rolling is to think of a theme for your display. Does your fairy like water? Can they fly? What kind of food do they like? Where do they like to spend their time, and what do they do there? Try to pick the background for your display based on the atmosphere you want to create.

Starting a Miniature Collection

Here’s an example we put together! Our fairy in this case simply loves the seaside so, of course, the perfect place for her to settle down was at the beach. First we started by laying out some sand (maybe use a sandpit? Or create your own one by placing some sand into a corner of a flower bed, or even a large tray lined with sand).

I like to begin by picking a central building to radiate out from. Usually a fairy house, but in this case we have gone for the Punch and Judy Show Miniature Model. Now that you have your base you can start to think about what else would be there. Wouldn’t it be nice to lounge on a fantastic deckchair model while watching the show? Ohh and we might need a sign leading people to the show and a picnic basket scaled for fairies just in case they get hungry in the glorious sun.

In this way you can organically grow your village in a thriving metropolis that’s sure to bring in fairies from all over the countryside!